A downloadable game

-Brief History about this project

Welcome to Red Skies!

 I originaly made this game for a talent show at high school using Clickteam Fusion 2.5, however, due to the tight dead line, the game had no sound,no coop, or even a proper main menu.

  but now with the original save file lost to time due to innumerous HD formatting i decided to remake it in Unity, with proper polishing this time, hope you enjoy!


-Local coop

-Enemy Variety

-Power Ups

-Hungarian Orchestra

-Future Updates(maybe?)

   Due to the deadline of 7 days that i always put on my projects to ensure that i will finish i had to cut some of the features from this project, and so i may add them in the future:

- Controller Support

- Hard Mode

- More Enemies

- Upgrade System


Install instructions

Simply download and extract the file,  have fun!


RedSkies.zip 26 MB


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Cool game! Couldn't help but sometimes shoot my own people. The music adds to the atmosphere of war. Well done for 7 days.

Oh Thanks! sorry for replying so late, but Itchi.io just notified me yesterday about your comment